A week at a Japanese highschool

Recently the slow steady pace of utter mundane was recently broken by a couple of events that by chance brought us closer to making real friends and truly enjoying the beautiful area we live. No matter what a place is like. Dreary cold and wet, bright, temperate, and sunny, or absolutely average having smiling faces that laugh and enjoy your presence makes all these places enjoyable. It reminds me of what my Principal in middle school told me,”Without friends, no place is bearable no matter how beautiful or luxurious. Similarly, without friends, a great educational environment is meaningless.”

Yutaka, Minami, and Keiko thank you for the breath of fresh air.

The lifting experience took place in Kumano…and that day was supposed to be a shut-in day because of Tsunami. Doubly surprising, and exciting.

Effie on the left and Yutaka on the right.

One of Kumano’s Beautiful Rocky inlets

Screw the “Do not Enter” sign… The tsunami is not coming…not here at least. They already announced it on the news. Furthermore, if we get caught we could just act like we could not read the sign because it’s in Japanese. Boy, were we glad when we got around the bend. What we stumbled upon was absolutely fantastic. Onikajou (鬼ヶ城)or Demon’s Castle. According to legend, Demon’s come to play here in the night, which is why the rocks are so craggy. They destroy them with all there great might.

The view of Kumano Beach from the Onikajou.


Hey everyone,

It has already been 1 week since I arrived in Japan. The time has gone by so fast I can hardly believe it. I went to Chigusa Highschool for 5 days now and I would like to write more about how different it is from Dutch schools or western-style schools. I would also like to tell you what I have experienced those days at school. Some things I have already discussed in previous posts like my first day at school and bowing before every lesson starts and end. If you haven’t read that yet I recommend you read that first.

Let me first tell you more about my highschool. Chigusa Highschool is quite a prestigious highschool because it has ‘international classes’ with more emphasis on English and a lot of students want to go there to learn more English. In those international classes there are a lot of…

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