Hiking Mt. Oyama

The Oyama, in the suburb of Tokyo.

life to reset

In preparation for my summer goal of conquering Mt. Fuji, I been trying to squeeze in as much weekend hiking, as the weather could possibly allow. Let’s just say, I want to do a lot of “practice hike” before I go for the big one.

Back home if you tell your friends that you consider climbing mountains as a hobby, they will look at you with admiration; make you feel that you are one cool and tough gal. Here in Japan, if you tell your colleagues that you went hiking last weekend, they will just look at you like you just told them that you had bento for lunch.

Hiking in Japan is a lifestyle. It is normal to see kids or elderly taking the same trail and oftentimes, I see myself having less stamina compare to them. Using the same reasoning, if you want quiet time and nature all…

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