Interpreting Experience Level Up!

Oki no Shima, Shimane. The author works as a Japanese-English interpretor for inspectors. Those activities is not known widely in Japan. Interesting article.

you, me, and a tanuki

The Oki Island GeoPark is trying to become a member of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network.  As the last step of the process, site inspectors from the Global GeoPark Network must come and assess the islands.  This assessment determines whether or not the Oki Islands become a World Geopark…and this was my first shot at interpreting.  Talk about pressure.  Other than interpreting Japanese TV into English for Khoa and interpreting for him at parties, I don’t have any experience.  I can interpret daily conversation fine, but talking about 4-year cycle crop rotation and the outer rim of a composite volcanic crater is another story.  Listening to someone talk about those subjects, recognizing the words in Japanese, and relaying the information in English is something entirely different.  So I studied and I practiced and I studied some more.  I was feeling pretty confident after a month of studying new science words in Japanese and listening to people from Chibu…

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