Exploring Japan: Samukawa Shrine – March 27, 2010

Samukawa, Kanagawa. One of the biggest shrine in this area. Nice photos and explanations.

Jay Dee in Japan

Samukawa Shrine is a major shrine in the town of Samukawa, Kanagawa.  It’s also a very old shrine, possibly originating more than 1500 years ago, though records state that it was rebuilt in the year 727.  I’m not certain about the age of the shrine’s current buildings, though.  The grounds are quite impressive.  It covers a large area with multiple buildings and gardens.  There are two major events at this shrine, one on September 20th, which is the shrine’s festival, featuring yabusame (horseback archery).  The other is on Setsubun (February 3), when there are illuminated paper images hung from the main gate.  When I visited the shrine last year, cherry blossoms were blooming, so it was a good opportunity for some photos.

To start off, I found the shrine’s entrance and found that there were ponds, a bridge and a long pathway leading to the shrine.  I decided to leave…

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