Kobe, Japan and You.

A students is staying at a high school in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. I am surprised that so many students visit Japan during the summer. I wonder what they will do in the summer vacation.

Jane's Journey in Japan

Whoops. Turns out blogspot is terrible! TAKE TWO!


This is it, isn’t it?
My past blogs have failed miserably! This time however, I willl prevail! (or try, at least)
This morning was a very exciting for me! I was finally placed in Kobe, Japan! Woohoo! Some place I’ve actually heard about! I now know my school too. Which is the best part!

I will be spending my Grade 12 year at the beautiful Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School! A bit longer name than FH. I’m excited though! Seems like there are a lot of international students there. This could be a awesome thing or it could go terribly wrong for me. I just have to stick to the Japanese no matter how tempting it’ll be to just speak english the entire time!

To be honest, I’m terrified. I keep having to remind myself that in the…

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