Kobe Beef Adventure’s

Kobe beef looks really good.


Last Sunday I awoke at a friends place in the Hanayamas after a hectic night out, feeling just a little bit like death.
And what could be a better cure for a hangover (bar more beer) than 200grams of meaty Kobe deliciousness!
Alas a crew was assembled and off we headed to ‘Steak Land Kobe’ in the heart of downtown Sannomiya for some beefy treats.


Honestly after the Nama Niku 生肉 (literally raw meat) enkai I attended the week preceding, I have been understandably turned off meat recently, having been forced to consume a plethora of organs I would have never wanted to consume cooked let alone raw!!
That said one would be foolish to turn down the opportunity to try the worlds best beef in the city that’s famous for it!


Luckily for those deciding on done at lunchtime the price is quite reasonable, at only 2980¥ the ‘Kobe…

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