Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. The inside of Daibutsu in Kamakura.  This blog was posted as a part of Weekly Photo Challenge.  I found photo of inside of Daibutsu for the first time on wordpress.com.

The Retiring Sort

The theme for this week’s WordPress.com Weekly Photo Challenge is Inside. The topic made me think about things we usually admire from the outside, but normally don’t see on the inside.

When I was nine or ten, I went to the Statue of Liberty, and my mom and I climbed the winding staircase inside Eiffel’s framework. So cool. My dad was a civil engineer like his dad before him, and Gustave Eiffel was an inspiration to them both.  (At the end of WWI, my grandfather was actually able to stay in Europe to study briefly with Eiffel, who was then in his 80’s – an experience Grandpa always cherished.)

Of course, when we were last in Paris, my beloved and I went up inside the Eiffel Tower, and enjoyed walking down looking at the structure!


But the coolest statue/monument I’ve been inside is the Daibutsu (Great Buddha)…

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