JET Packing for Japan – What to Bring

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. This blog is a nice advice what you should bring to Japan.



No not that kind of Jetpack…….

So now that I have been residing in Japan for around 2 months I feel I have the insight to critically asses exactly what I bought over with me.
As many of you 2012 arrivals will soon be entering the packing phase of pre-departure, I thought I would share my list that I compiled from advice I obtained around the interwebs and my own experiences.

Definitely Bring!!!!
-A laptop (you don’t wanna deal with getting one here when you first arrive)
-A good digital camera (caz your gona wanna capture these memories! I recommend a DSLR and if you go down this path also bring an ultra compact if you ever go somewhere where is not practical to bring a DSLR)
-5 tube of toothpaste
-5 roll on deodorants
(both of these things you will have an enormous amount of difficulty find an equivalent…

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