Traditional Japanese Cuisine – Dozeu Nabe

Dozeu(どぜう) or Dojo Nabe. Not many japanese eat Dojo nabe these days. Not all Japanese go into ecstacy thinking of eating Shimai either.;)  Okachimachi, Tokyo.

Spacy Tang

I first discovered the shop during one of my frequent walks from Okachimachi to Asakusa.

The two storey building looked impressively traditional and the sign 駒形どぜう hung high in a banner next to a more modern neighbor.

Photo taken from Trip Advisor

When I met my Oji-san friend a couple of days later,  I asked him about the restaurant and what exactly is a どぜう . I have eaten several different kinds of Japanese cuisine both in Japan and abroad,watched several Japanese food shows but do not recalled a どぜう dish before.

His explanation basically was summarized to be “its a traditional dish, only old people want to eat it.” He even frowned while saying it, probably hoping to dissuade me from going to eat it.

Hearing that, of course, made me want to try it even more.

He made reservations (apparently that restaurant is pretty well known and requires…

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