Karuizawa, Japan – Day 1(a)

Karuizawa, Nagano Japan. Nice photos.

Xuan's Howdy Days

tokyo subway
This is just the network for the private railway lines…not including the JR lines…Tokyo rail networks, sometimes just gets on my nerves especially arriving late into the night.

JR pass
Even though, I was there only for 5.5 days but I would accumulate more than 40000JPY in train connections so I figured buying a 7 days JR pass would still be the best. A typical 7 days JR pass for whole of Japan would cost 28300JPY. List of exchange office can be found here. I went to the Tokyo station Exchange office as it was 1 of the offices that would open early in Central Tokyo. Although it was a complicated feat to try to find the exchange office. JR pass holders are allowed to make reservations on trains with no extra charge and you can also easily exchange your train tickets for an earlier/later time depending on train availability.


Karuizawa is…

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