On wordpress, many travellers from other countries have been to fifth station. Some climbed the mountain. It’s just great that the author has done that.

A frenchie goes to Japan

Yes. It is hard to believe but me, a smoker,out of shape, weakling managed to conquer the BEAST that is Mt.Fuji. Standing at 3776.24 m high, aint the highest by no means but oh dear christ it was hard. That said though, the sunrise and experience make that seem far less important! My legs and bum today would tell you differently today however!

It was just the two of us climbing, we had planned on doing it with a few other people but we have all been super busy this last month that things didnt fall into place. But that said, it was so much fun, we even met some lovely australians at the top! Plus, it meant that after not smoking for a while + getting lost a wee bit, only one person felt my wrath( still sorry chandler…)

We started at 7.30pm after getting the bus from Shinjuku…

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