Traditional Japan: A Glimpse Part 2

Meiji jingu, National theatre. It is surely a part of the history of Japan.

Mac & Cheese and Ramen

With my midterm exam over, I now have time to write the blog post I’ve been meaning to as a follow up to the one I wrote earlier this week.

As I mentioned, I have continued to have many wonderful experiences in Japan centered around the country’s traditional side. In this post I will talk about Kabuki and Meiji Shrine.


Through the Summer Courses in Japanese at ICU, I had the wonderful opportunity to see a Kabuki performance at the National Theater. Kabuki is a form of Japanese drama developed around the 17th century that is known for its particular stylization as well as its extravagant costumes and makeup. During last winter at Carleton I took a pre-modern Japanese literature course and got to read some Kabuki. The stories really are quite fascinating, though to the untrained eye they can seem a bit slow paced and boring.

I would…

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