No such thing as a sick day

That’s right. In Japan, many employees takes a holiday for a sick day. They usually set aside a few holiday for sick leave.

Without my diary

It’s probably quite a telling thing about Japan that the word for holiday (yasumi) is also the same word they use to describe someone taking a sick day.

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2 thoughts on “No such thing as a sick day

  1. That wasn’t really my point though. In the UK, people store off days for being ill too. My point was that linguistically, there is no distinction between taking a holiday – something you do to enjoy yourself – and being too ill to work. It’s a very different mentality.

    • Yes, you are right! Now I understand (hopefully). Technically there is a word byoketsu(病欠),which means sick leave. But this is an explanation of yasumi.

      You do one of two things, you work or you don’t. 😉
      As you said, in Japanese, yasumi(休み) means simply “you don’t work” for whatever reason.

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