Japan Summer 2012 Day 14: Kyoto to Osaka, Takoyaki, Dotombori, Namba Parks

It is interesting that some travellers from other coutries find Takoyaki desicious. Osaka, Japan. The station map needs a major update for many travellers!

Lucy's Travel Blog

Original plan: Visit Shimogamo, Kamigamo and Sanjusangendo Temple before going to Osaka.
Reality: We woke up at 6.30am today (by the alarm)…but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get up to visit any more temples. Our muscles were dead and there was no way we could’ve withstood the heat.

Thus, we decided to sleep a few more hours. Feeling more refreshed, we packed our bags and checked out of our apartment. There was a special rapid train service from Kyoto to Osaka, and we arrived in Osaka within half an hour. Initial thoughts when arriving in Osaka? It’s nice to be back in the big city 🙂

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