Izu Peninsula and the Jogasaki Coast

Izu, Shizuoka, Japan. Beautiful photos.


Dear Readers:

I’ve been in Japan two weeks. I spent almost a week sick in Yokohama. At least I got to watch the opening ceremony in London!

My Route

My route has been: Tokyo –>; Yokohama –>; Kamakura –>; Odawara –>; Hakone –>; Ito –>; Futo

I walked all over Tokyo, browsed China town and busy streets in Yokohama, went through some temples in Kamakura, visited a nice shrine in Odawara, rode trains, cable cars and ropeways up the mountains around Hakone, and explored the Jogasaki coast and rode a cable car to the top of the volcanic Mt. Omuro.

Izu and the Jogasaki Coast

Two days ago I explored Hakone and came south, down the east coast of the Izu Peninsula to Ito city. I stayed in a hostel inside an old wooden building and met a group of Americans going to visit a friend, and an Austrian man…

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