Tanabata Festival at Shopping Arcade

Tanabata in the local shopping mall. Many small Tanabata events everywhere in Japan..

Aerial Biscuits

Summer is here and this is Tanabata weekend.  The people celebrate Orihime’s love story, which is of course myth, but is still loved by and celebrated by many here in Japan. At these events you can find traditional and modern performances and dances, as well as a lot of food booths and games for kids.  This year appears to be bigger than the previous year as there were many, many more floats!  Thankfully, I live nearby where the event took place, and I always bike home around here. The discovery was fortunate because if you weren’t a local of this area I’m not exactly sure how one would know about this wonderful festive event, which spans a dozen blocks!

A lot of floats seemed to be based off of traditional and newer manga, anime and game characters, for example Kirby, Mario, and some newer ones like Naruto, Yotsubato and Natsume…

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