Japanese Food

Reblog Yasupa’s blog again. This entry is about various food in Japan. What I feel interesting is that he feel hungry after a dinner. He enjoys japanese food very much.


Hey guys,

I don’t have a lot of plans this week so I thought I would write a post about Japanese food. The food here is entirely different from the food in the west, as are the customs. Some things I have eaten are not surprising at all, things like sushi are popular in the western world as well and the taste of sushi is not very different here.

In the Netherlands we eat bread for breakfast and lunch. I really hate bread so I’m very happy I hardly eat any bread here in Japan. A typical breakfast consists of a bowl of rice, miso soup, vegetables and usually a fried egg. Lunch and dinner can be anything. In the Netherlands we usually eat a lot more for dinner than for lunch and breakfast, in Japan the portions are about the same size. Quite often I’m still hungry after a…

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