Summer Break

Saitama, Japan. ALT teachers are on summer vacation. Some JETs have gone home and others will stay another year.

Jet Set Victoria

As of last week, summer break has officially started. I still had a few classes left, even though we had mostly half days. The periods were short, and I mostly ran games like Jeopardy, and Taboo in my classes. I still had the students work on English, but you could tell everyone was just waiting for summer break to start, so we just had a relaxing and fun time.

The day before the closing ceremony, Lovisa, a Swedish exchange student here at Inagakuen, was showing her parents around the school. Her parents were visiting Japan for a few days while Lovisa was getting ready to leave. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! She introduced her parents to all of the ALTs in the English room, and she even gave us omiyage from Sweden as good-bye gifts! She gave me a little coffee cup with the Swedish flag…

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