Japanese Food: Kakigori

Kakigori! In Summer, it is more humid and hotter in Japan, kakigori tastes even better.


Like any blogger worth their salt, sometimes I take pictures of food. Most of the time I forget, but I do have a small album from Japan waiting for my attention. And, given that Seattle actually got a bit of summer, I’ll start with kakigori!

Kakigori (かき氷) is Japanese shaved ice. The ice is softer than a snow cone, and sometimes they’re topped with condensed milk, but it’s the same concept. I don’t dig the condensed milk, though. I do dig cola syrup, which happily is on the menu at every kakigori stand at every festival in Japan, but some shops only have standards like strawberry and green tea. That was the case when I stopped in a place outside Ishiteji for the dual purpose of cooling off and finding an unsuspecting Japanese person to pester with temple-related questions. Fortunately, I like strawberry and was the only customer, so Shop…

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