All work and no play

The Tanise bridge, Totsukawa, Nara, Japan. The bridge is famous for its scenery. The villagers paid for the construction cost of the bridge.


Hello there, I hope you are having endless bright sunny days where ever you are. This post is from a couple of days back – the last sunny day we had here actually. It has been storming nonstop ever since. Well, at least the booming thunder works like an alarm every morning to get me out of bed 😀 My host parents took me and D for a drive/barbecue getaway to the neighboring prefecture of Nara, and I think it was a much-needed break for us all. Skyscrapers and neon signs are great, but I’m still a mountain girl at heart heh. And Nara is all about mountains and acres of sprawling forests. The scenery was so utterly familiar and alien at the same time that it made me feel homesick 😦 All that was missing were towering prayer flags and the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and it…

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