Cooking Rice on a Campfire

Cooking rice when camping. The hangou (飯盒) is mainly used at camping in Japan.

you, me, and a tanuki

I just recently went on a camping trip with 10 of the 12 Chibu Junior High School students and 8 of the 12 teachers. A lot it was similar to camping back home; same style tents, cooking on a campfire, night time flash light fun.

But there were some differences as well.

For example, we camped on an island! Chibu is part of the Oki Islands archipelago. Even though there are 4 main islands, the entire archipelago is made up of around 160 islands. We actually camped on an island even smaller than Chibu’s 5 square mile main island.

Another difference was the activities. We lit fireworks, the students took a walk in pairs in the dark while the teachers tried to jump out and scare them, and we participated in an traditional style of fishing for sazae (sea snails) that has become less popular in modern times.

But the…

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