Mt Ōyama

I found another blog post about Oyama hike. Although the mountain is not very famous, the hiking seems nice.

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My intention, when I arrived in Japan, was to do a bit of hiking and perhaps climb the revered Mt Fuji.

Now, 7 weeks into my trip, whilst I have done lots of exercise, I have not yet scaled any mountains.

But when I read a recent blog entry about Mt Ōyama I was immediately inspired to get off my butt and spend several hours in the great outdoors.

Mt Ōyama literally means “big mountain” yet at 1252m above sea level it’s pretty tame by Japanese standards. In comparison, Mt Fuji is 3x the height at 3776m.

Yet I had heard it’s a popular and challenging climb with many steps and a good view of Mt Fuji on a clear day.

With a bright, sunny forecast of 33 degrees C and blue skies, I was not keen to swelter in Tokyo and so figured it was…

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