Tea-Picking and Processing in Mikisato 三木里でお茶すみ

Mikisato, Owase, Mie, Japan. Not many people have chance to enjoy tea-picking.

Oh! Saka!

One of the people in the ceramics club told me that Miki-san (a kind fellow ceramic club member) has her own tea field from which each year in spring and fall they hand-pick, steam, roll, dry, and process their own brand of tea in house. Sipping green tea as he told me this, he said, “this is their tea. Try it!” I take some say thanks and sip. Wow! this level of fantastic green tea is made right here in Owase?! I thought. “Delicious, right?” he says. I offer an avid affirmative.

The next Saturday, I meet Miki-san at the ceramic studio and ask her for 200 g of her Shin-cha or “New (green) Tea.” She is obviously grateful for the order then proceeds to ask whether I have ever picked my own tea.

Excitedly I answer with a negative; more or less knowing that this is gonna lead to…

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