In the past, we had only expiration dates. A few years ago, a new law was approved and ‘Best Before’ date replaced expiration dates on many products. However some japanese still look at the date printed on the products as ‘expiration date’ not as ‘best before’ date.

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Expiration dates are a big thing in Japan. Everything has an expiration date. Some sooner than others. A pack of eggs even comes with a little piece of paper that shows an expiration date (sometimes even a little sticker on each egg!), but that would seem acceptable, right?

Today I got this little cookie, biscuit …thing. from a co-worker. Thanks. it was… crunchy and dropped crumbs everywhere!! what a mess!!

Sugar Butter Sand Tree.

I’m not sure if that was supposed to be the description of the snack or what. It didn’t taste sandy, or like a tree for that matter. It was kind of sugary, and a little buttery… but that was mostly the filling I believe. Actually, pretty flavorless to be honest.

So, onto this expiration thing… The expiration date on this snack is written for September 25, 2012. Today is the 12th of September (2012). I’m pretty…

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