Arigato gozaimasu

You really traveled around a lot in and out Tokyo. Nowadays, there are a lot of English description in stations, airports and transportations, but still not enough for foreigners, it seems.
Thank you for nice blog.

a Cabbage and a Backpack

Blog catch up time!!

The stopover in Tokyo, Japan came about from a “why not, we’re flying through here anyway!” comment and a fun policy with tickets purchased with miles that allow a multi-day stopover when you travel to different continents.  I visited Japan on Semester at Sea but did not get to Tokyo (I was in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima on that visit) and then I enjoyed an 8 hour layover near the Narita/Tokyo airport on another trip the following year, but never made it to Tokyo.  First off, Tokyo is ENORMOUS!  It was a difficult task to even pick an area of the city to focus a hostel search in, and then almost everything was booked or very expensive.  We finally found a relatively centrally located hostel with capsule type bunks that worked great!

** This makes total sense to you, right?!?  And hopefully it’s big enough that…

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