Exploring Kyoto

Nice blog. It seems that you enjoy your stay in Kyoto. I like the photo of the quail.


I feel like this blog will be a lot shorter. Maybe its cause I’m getting used to Japan or maybe it’s cause I have too much homework. Probably both. Anyways, let’s see. One thing I’m really starting to miss is being able to blast music really loudly and sing and play guitar. I guess I could still do that but it’d be pretty rude to my hosts and neighbors. Speaking of my hosts, they are still as awesome as usual. After each meal, I usually talk to my host mom for a long time. Last night we talked for like 2 hours. It’s nice but it is pretty tiring cause my brain is working hard to listen and speak in Japanese. The other day I helped Ari-kun with his English homework and we had a good laugh with them trying to say “river”. And then he asked if he could…

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