When rubber meets the road, there are some things that just don’t compare to museums and reading placards — By MODELM

A nice blog and beautiful photos of Tsushima! There are many gool mountains to climb in Japan, which you might enjoy. I wish those two girls have recovered soon!


Like an old ex-boyfriend, one can not help but to compare past experiences with the new…

I have been fortunate in my life to study abroad in Europe on two separate occasions. On every free weekend or extended holiday I harnessed an over-sized backpack over my shoulders and ventured to as many different cities and countries in Europe as possible– although I did stray from the normal Western European route a few times, most backpacking trips include sleeping in hostels and sightseeing to marvelous churches, gazing at architectural geniuses and spending extraneous hours standing in museums reading each placard next to each painting as if you’re going to remember everything you read! Don’t get me wrong, backpacking Europe is amazing! But, after this last holiday adventure of biking and camping on a little Japanese island, I have certainly experienced a new way of sightseeing beyond museum artifacts and reading placards.

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