Ise Grand Shrines

Thank you for sharing your photos. The gallery works quite well. I was born and raised in Japan, however I have not been Ise Jingu. Your post is a nice introduction of Ise!

CN Abroad

Today (Friday) we took the pilgrimage to the 2 main Ise Grand Shrines, Geku and Naiku.  Each shrine is sort of a complex of the main shrine surrounded by smaller shrines in a cypress forest.  Very peaceful and beautiful surroundings.  These shrines, known as Ise Jingu, are considered the noblest sanctuary in Japan and the spiritual home of the Japanese people. (If this were foot noted, this sentence would be attributed to the map/literature we got at Geku!)  In all, Ise Jingu consists of 125 shinto shrines, with Kotaijingu (Naiku) and Toyoukedaijingu (Geku) being the center of them all.

The first shrine on the pilgrimage was Geku, about a 25 minute walk north of our ryokan, which we did relatively early this morning.  The main entrance to the Geku complex consists of a bridge, followed by temizusha and then a torii,

then you follow the path among the huge cypress…

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