December 2012

Naoshima is a small island so it is a nice place to enjoy cycling around. The yurt looks nice in your photos, although it maybe cold in winter season. Wish you enjoy your stay in Japan. Thank you for your nice photos.

how like a mirror

I am reminded once again of the majority of Japanese buildings’ inability to retain heat. Indeed, the seasons are swiftly changing, and autumn felt barely a day. Between working, going out and sleeping in, and studying, if autumn was any decent length of time, I only saw it briefly. Winter is nice here for at least a few reasons. When passing people passing out flyers on the street, for example, it’s easier to avoid their waving hands in your face when your hands are buried deep in your winter coat pockets. It’s a good way to justify taking a taxi. Popular summer destinations are not so popular. 

My most recent adventure was to a small island a short distance south of Okayama, west of Osaka, called Naoshima. It is sometimes referred to as “Art Island” or “that island with all the art on it”. It has a few art museums…

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