Cycling to Shibuya

Recently on some roads with narrow pavements in my area, Kanagawa, bicycles are forced to main roads. In some cases, there is a problem because the main road is not so wide in my neighborhood.

The bicycles for everyday use is somtimes called “mama chari” (bicycle for mothers), and as you see everywhere in Japan, parents put their kids in front of , sometimes behind, them. For many Japanese, those bicycles are for short distance vehicle for everyday life.

Thank you for a nice post describing Japan.

Chester Cycling (and other stuff)

As discussed in the last post, I am currently staying in Saitama, a city in the Greater Tokyo area which is approximately 25 km outside of central Tokyo. On Sunday I found myself at a bit of a loose end, the weather was crisp, clear and bright, perfect for a bit of exploration.


Japan’s version of a ‘shared use’ facility. Because Japan doesn’t treat its pedestrians with the same level of contempt as the UK does, the concept works surprisingly well.

Not willing to pay the extortionate rate expected for mobile data roaming (and forgetting to activate even the possibility before leaving the UK) I had to rely on an offline map for navigation. Add to this the unexplained failure of my phone’s GPS since arriving in Japan and I realised that travelling through the most populous metropolitan area in the world might require some creative navigation. After wandering around…

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