Osechi – new year meal

Nice post!
I was looking for a good explanation of Osechi in English , and your post is just what I wanted.
May the 7 year old pricess eat well!

Leave nothing but footprints

Osechi - New Year Meal

December is called 師走 (Shiwasu), literally ‘even the master runs’. It is the hectic last month of the year when things are being finished before marking the new year, cleaning the house and work place, visiting business relations and neighbours to give respect and blessing to each other for a better new year, and prepare for the big welcome of the new year.

I mentioned earlier that Christmas is like the Valentine’s Day here. Christian population is of minority, and the mass culture is geared towards a combination of Shinto, the traditional Japanese religion that worships creator gods, and some forms of Buddhism. Their practices got blended into our daily life over the centuries, and especially since the separation of religion post the second world war (in which the religion and the religious leader were used as puppet or excuse for the military to take over the control of the…

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One thought on “Osechi – new year meal

  1. I did not read up on it, so my explanation could be way off the mark! I’m sure there would be something you can read about it in a book like ‘talk of Jananese culture in English’ kind of stuff… Please let me know once you found a good resource!

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