Nagano – a temple, a ryokan and a kaiseki dinner

Thank you for sharing nice photos of Zenkoji.

The ryokan price goes up around the new years day and around Obon period(middle of August). As a typical (not so rich) Japanese, I do not go to Onsen area in those high price season.

My food of choice would be horse meat and Soba noodle. ūüėČ


So after Matsumoto it was time to visit Nagano.


When travelling near the big new year holiday, you learn that food is hard to come by…

Had to queue up for 30 minutes for this bowl of ramen, not because it was especially good (it was ok) but just that there seemed to be almost nothing else open.

We also found out that the ninja museum was closed‚Ķ ¬†One of the main reasons we had decided to visit Nagano‚Ķ ¬†Sometimes the English information lies‚Ķ ¬†So instead we went off to Zenkoji ‚Äď a famous temple in Nagano. ¬†According to the old guy who was queuing with us in the rain for ramen, there is nothing else to see in Nagano except for that temple. ¬†How lucky for us‚Ķ


This is the main approach, lined by many shops selling the usual tourist goods.


Lots of pink and frilly things for those…

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