To faux pas or not faux pas

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In my experience, I take off shoes when entering changing rooms in most of stores. Those rooms have some kind of cleaner floor for bare foot. On the second thought, this maybe because I am a Japanese and taking off shoes is so natural for me that I cannot help taking off my shoes before entering any room.

The Finnius Frog Experience

Today I made my first breech of etiquette. It is customary in Japan to take your shoes off when you enter someone’s house. Quite often this will also go for traditional Japanese inns (ryokans), some restaurants and other public places. You will also find that a Japanese home will have special bathroom slippers which you must change into and out of before and after using the bathroom. Even Dormy Ichinoe 2 we take our shoes off just inside the front door, put them into a shoe locker and put out slippers on. I thought I had the whole slipper thing covered. I was never going to fall into the slipper trap.

But what I did not know, and I discovered today at the local Uniqlo by a very excitable sales assistant, that I am also meant to take my shoes off when I enter a changing room cubicle to try on…

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