Interesting. I was born and raised in Japan, so I expect shop staffs adivise me about where I can find something. Many supermarkets operate 24/7 these days and most staffs have too much work. I have never studied abroad, but I can understand the feeling about used-to things. I will miss small things like Oyatsu-Konbu (dried sea weed for snack).
I wish you enjoy your stay in Japan.

Nippon MaDe 日本まで


Living in Japan is awesome! Basically you will not really lack of anything while living here. Especially in Tokyo and other big cities it is not possible to lack of somethingimportant.

Well, when I was preparing my luggage (and I think I will write a particular post on this later) I focused on clothes. Thinking about staying for almost one year in Japan and considering my previous made conclusion about clothing sizes here in Japan made me anxious to not find any suitable clothing here. Now I have to admit, I was a fool thinking that before!

Although sizes are indeed smaller than in Europe, it’s still possible to find shops like Uniclo, H&M or ABC Store which offer more or less european suiting clothes. My advice is: Just be opened up to spend some time trying on clothes at the dressing rooms until you find your sizes…

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