Lunch: What to do when an entire country eats at the same time

The burger looks so delicous! For me 1000 yen for a burger is a bit expensive. Around noon, many retaurants and izakaya serve a few lunch menu at reasonable price. After that, they are closed. So, I have to go lunch around noon to save money ;).

Jersey Joshii

In Japan, lunch has finite hours – 11:30am – 2pm.  At my place of business, the bell rings at 11:30am and the lights turn off [energy savings – google Fukushima].  The elevators become jammed and the crowds gather in the form of queues at the restaurants in the mall.  At 12:30pm, the bell rings and the lights come back on.

I’m writing this because  I decided to work through “lunch” but someone on my Facebook posted a photo of a burger and at 2:30pm, I succumbed to the power of suggestion.

My choices were:

1) Convenient store food – which is normally fine but wouldn’t satisfy this particular craving

2) Sogo – department store takeout – but Japanese burgers are a whole other animal or

3) Head to the mall and see what is open.

I opted for the best bet – gaijin food at Bay Quarter Mall.  There have been reviews…

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