Japanese Restaurants

A nice introduction of many restaurants in Japan. In more than two decades of deflation and bad economy, restaurants now offer cheap menu for those not-so-rich people (like me !). I once heard that some Americans are surprised that Mcdonald burger tastes better in Japan.

Anyway enjoy your stay in Japan!


As a fairly lazy foreign exchange student, I end up eating out at restaurants quite a bit.  Luckily, though, restaurants in Japan are plentiful and surprisingly cheap.  Here are some different ones I’ve tried!


It’s a gaijin favorite!  Seriously, this kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) place is right across the street from I-House, and so it’s a very popular destination for us foreigners.  I think it might have a reputation of being low quality and cheap, but we’re poor college students!  We don’t care!  Now, I’m not a fish person at all, so I stay away from all of the fishy things completely, but there are still lots of delicious options, including soba or udon, duck and beef sushi, fries, and cake.  Any time I go, I have to get the American Choco Cake to remind myself of what it truly means to be an American.  It’s this dense, fudge-like…

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