Mount Kōya

Nice photos. Thank you for sharing. I visited there when I was a small kid. I felt like a small animal in those very tall trees. The rocket is a memorial for employees built by a company Shinmeiwa industry.
Although there is a financial problem as an organization, the atmosphere we feel in the mountain is always same, something spiritual.

The Space Between Two Worlds

The other day a few of my friends and I went to Mount Koya, otherwise known as Koya-san here.  Mount Koya is located in Wakayama prefecture considered to be the main base of the Shingon Sect of Japanese Buddhism.  There is also an immense graveyard.

The trip was a bit long but it was definitely worth it. I couldn’t help but feel something spiritual when I was there.  Monks happily greeted us, people from different ages came to pray and pay their respects, and I saw pilgrims stopping by before making the 88 Temple Pilgrimage, the most famous pilgrimage in Japan.

I could’ve been there all day taking pictures of this place.  It’s so peaceful being surrounded by endless amounts of trees that are hundreds of years old.  Here are just a few pictures I took.  I would definitely recommend going there.










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