Cleaning Up

I have read some entries of your Fukushima photos. These days, many news articles are about the people who has returned to their hometowns. There is a concern about where the ‘discontaminated’ soils and garbage are to be stored permanently. Almost nobody wants that kind of materials around. Thank you for sharing photos.

sungypsy blog

Fukushima, Japan, Wednesday May 1st 2013

One of the things we have seen in Fukushima a lot, both inside and outside the exclusion zone, is the decontaminated earth and undergrowth piled up in vinyl bags. The government has decided to reduce the radioactivity of the soil around the Fukushima Daichi plant exclusion zone by removing the top two or three centimetres of soil. The aim is to reduce the contamination levels in affected areas to under one millisievert a year.

Farmland and residential areas are all to be scraped clean and many of Fukushima’s mountain areas (which accounts for around 60-70% of the contaminated land) will have 20 metres either side of every road cleared. This is what is happening in the image above near the village of Katsurao.

Some estimates put the total clean up area at 13% of the Prefecture: over 100 million cubic metres of soil and brush that so far is being…

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