The kimpira seems so delicious! My wife (I live in Kanagawa, Japan) sometimes make kimipira with renkon (lotus root).


Souzaiis a classic example of traditional Japanese home cooking.  Rice and misosoup form the base of this type of meal with three other dishes, souzai, to accompany it.  Often one souzai is the main dish, a baked fish, for example, served with two smaller dishes (maybe some nimono).  This style of meal is called ichijyuu sansai (一汁三菜) with the soup being the “ichijyuu” and the three other dishes being the “sansai”.  I hope to feature a lot of this style of cooking and will create a new page of recipes soon.  This will be the first one.

Tonight, my wife made one of my favorites.  We’d had a huge lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant and weren’t very hungry and were in the mood for something light.  So she made kinpira gobou, which is carrots and something called “burdock root” with sesame seeds.  It’s really good even…

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