Thank you for sharing your thought. Come to think of it, Japan is the only coutry experienced atom bombs (there were to bombing), however almost many Japanese including me do not think it as something important. Anyway, enjoy your life in Japan.



hiroshima peace park

last weekend i took a trip to hiroshima with a few friends, and i can safely say that it is my favorite place in japan thus far. hiroshima city is lively, the scenery is lovely, the locals were obscenely gracious, and the attractions were plentiful. and while all of that certainly was a huge part of what made hiroshima so wonderful, it wasn’t what had the greatest impact on me.

on saturday night a group of ALTs decided to wander downtown and find somewhere to eat dinner. what started out as a 20-minute journey quickly escalated into us getting lost within the bustling crowds of downtown hiroshima city, and it was after 11pm before we knew it. hungry, tired, and not wanting to wander around like moses in the desert until 2am, i peace’d out from the group and made my way back to the hostel by…

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