Japan, Part Two: Kamakura, Tokyo Sights, Home Stays, Church

A nice tour blog entry. We had a lot of typhoons this year here in Japan and you surely experienced one of them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. Tsukiji market will be moved to somewhere else before the 2020 Olympic game, so it was right choice that you visited Tsukiji. Thank you for sharing photos!

The Turquoise Turtle

My apologies for the long space of time between Japan posts! I finally have a clear head and a free Saturday at the same time with which to finish telling you about our wonderful October trip to Tokyo. (See “Japan, Part One” and “Japan Gallery” for more about the trip.)

After enjoying our naked-and-mostly-unashamed experience at the onsen on Monday night much more that we had expected, Joel and I, along with the rest of our team, made plans on Tuesday to visit Kamakura, a town about an hour’s train ride south of our Ginza hotel. We heard there was a typhoon sweeping in, but…it looked like it was going to (mostly) miss us, so the Kamakura trip was still on. We gathered in the hotel parlor for our daily boiled egg, croissant, and banana breakfast (which, remarkably, did not grow unappetizing despite its repetition) and walked to the station to…

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