Say meow to this train station master

It was a pity that you were not able to see Tama working. As the population is decreasing in Wakayama rapidly, there must be some entertainment around railway to attract more passenger.

Thanks for sharing photos!

Don't stare at the ceiling

Cats are fabulous creatures. They’ve got style and pride, and are too cool to grovel for attention, unlike man’s best friend. Plus, they refuse to be bought by food and cheap treats.

And in a little Japanese town in Wakayama Prefecture, one particular cool cat has almost single-handedly brought her hometown and its once deserted train station to international tourism stardom.

Please meet Tama the Cat.


The good husband and I first came to know about Tama the Cat, the Super Station Master of Kishi Station in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, several years ago. Right away we knew we had to make the pilgrimage there one day and be among all those tourists and cat lovers who had flocked to the tiny Kishi Station to say konnichiwa to Tama.

Kishi Station itself has become quite an attraction. Shaped like a kitty’s head emerging stealthily from the ground, the train station…

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