Japan’s Machu Picchu

Nice pictures. As the castle getting more and more popular and some part of the castle is wearing out. I do not believe that the castle is sustainable at this number of visitors because it is very old and it is a kind of ruins.

inaka biking

It’s billed as Japan’s Machu Picchu but in my eyes, Takeda Castle is far more like Japan’s ‘Edoras’. The ruins of this fortified citadel lie perched atop a big hill in the midst of a wide mountain ringed valley in Hyogo Prefecture. But sadly this ‘Edoras’ is under siege.

The official tourism line would have you believe that Takeda Castle is tucked away in a terribly remote corner of Japan, miles from civilization, to be visited by only a priviledged few. Wrong. There’s a railway station directly below on one side of the mountain, a national tollway on the other, plus a car park halfway up the mountain itself. Even the road to the top is mostly a paved road. But don’t be discouraged from visiting, for it is indeed a magnificent place. It’s just that the disparity between image and reality is a bit jolting.

The one big thing that Takeda Castle has going…

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