16. Letter to my future Japanese friends

Thank you for your nice letter.
As one of Japanese who never lived in foreign countries, I cannot agree more with you. As Japan is slowly losing econimic power, some Japanese are nervous about its relationship with foreign countries. In Japan, some started to raise voices against those hate speeches recently. I believe there will be chances to improve relationship between two countries in the future by those who like you who understand this problem well.

Kim's Travel Blog

Dear my future Japanese friends,

This week, I had gotten back from Japan, your country. I want to sincerely thank your people for welcoming me, and for helping me out when I was lost several times.

I cannot remember the lady’s name who helped me out at Yoyogi Station in JR line. She found me having trouble switching between different subway line. She took her time to personally bring me to the correct subway line so that I could get to the next meeting place. I did ask for her name, but unfortunately I do not remember (I am awful at memorizing foreign names). She was wearing a white hat, and a long skirt (in mid 40s). If people can help me find her, I would love to see her again to thank her again. She asked me where I was from, and I told her I was Korean American…

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