Missing the Sakura Season in Japan

Thank you for sharing beautiful Sakura flower photos.
I like driving along from Atami, Shizuoka along Izu peninsula. On a fine day, you can enjoy blue ocean and sakura flowers at the same time.

Sassy Savours

Gyoen Sakura 5

It has always been my childhood dream to immerse myself in the beauty of Cherry Blossoms (or what the Japanese refers to as ‘Sakura’ flowers). A landscape filled with Sakura blossoms just has this dreamy quality about it. Many a times I imagine myself strolling along a lane flanked with Cherry Blossoms trees and when a breeze blows, the Sakura flowers will just waltz down like snowflakes upon me.

This dream was partially fulfilled when I had the chance to visit Tokyo in March last year. It was such a blessing as the blooming of the Sakura flowers came earlier than usual and it coincided with our travel dates. Before the trip, I was only hoping to catch a glimpse of some Cherry Blossoms as based on past years’ sakura front (which is the weather pattern associated with Cherry Blossom blooming), the flowers usually bloom during the last week of…

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