Top 5 Best Things about Japan

I really enjoyed your ‘top 5′ list. Thank you for sharing. Reading other blogs by travellers, I wonder why they feel safer in Japan because there are pickup thieves who pickup others’ purses in crowded stores. Maybe we have fewer of them in Japan?

And ,yes, Japanese, including myself, sleeps everywhere, in train, in coffee shops, in classrooms ;). I believe many of Japanese stay up too late at night because there are so many TVs and DVDs to watch ;).

kanagawa kyary

  1. The food.  Duh!  If you cringe when you think of raw anything then stop reading here.  I absolutely looooooove raw fish.  Sushi and sashimi are in my blood (well maybe the mercury is).  I can’t get enough.  I could, and did, eat it every day.   When I was in Osaka I was lucky enough to be able to stay with my Japanese little sister, Haruka, and her mom.  There is nothing like homecooked Japanese food. In Hiroshima I ate grilled oysters from a street vendor that were as big as my head!  Kyoto is famous for their multi-course meals and we were lucky enough to find a place that would prepare our meal without soy sauce (allergy – more on that later).

    oyster Oyster Risotto in Hiroshima

  2. The safety.  Coming from the Murder Capital of Canada (Winnipeg)  I’m a pretty cautious and street-smart person.  I know what to do when in…

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