Spring travels to Wakayama

Nice pictures. What a long drive, from Nagano to Koyasan to Hongu! I love the picture of tall trees. Thank you for sharing.


I’ll just write briefly about this 4-day getaway and let the pictures do most of the explaining. A good friend and I have been meaning to take a trip together and spring “vacation” turned out to be a good time to do it. (I put the quotes around vacation because one should not be fooled by the Japanese version of this word. Apparently, ‘yasumi’ in Japanese only means a break for the students; not the teachers or the foreigners who are paid to act like teachers. I think I fit into one of those groups. ) I originally suggested a visit to Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, but we couldn’t reason going north for spring vacation and into colder temperatures.

We decided to drive my baby, a Suzuki Jimny, all the way to Wakayama, about 6 hours, instead of renting a car. We stayed in three different places over the course…

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