The end of the trek across wonderful, beautiful Japan

Nice pictures of Koyasan. I am impressed that many people from other countries enjoy staying in Koyasan. Some Japanese, including myself, feel that the place is ‘too spiritual’. 😉 I belive spring season is one of the best time to visit Koyasan because of the not very cold weather and also there are not too many travelers. Thank you for sharing.


rail travel from Kyoto to Kyosan

It was a long journey from Kyoto to koyasan but very, very beautiful.
forest and Okunion of Mount Koya

These trees in the Okunoin Cemetery were around 1000 yrs old and the sign behind my son says “may peace prevail on Earth” I pray for that too.

Kyosan Temple lodging gardens

Our shukubo Temple Lodgings. So lovely.

Temple Lodgings meal

Delicious vegan fare and a garden that really was breathtaking!Bashful on cablecar from kyosan
Bashful on the cable car as we go back down the mountain to Gokurakubashi station.  A station along this route for CAT LOVERS is the famous Kishi Station,  AND is home to TAMA, the very famous cat, credited with saving a town.

We finish our grand adventure by taking Bashful shopping at Osaka. Here we stocked up on gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.  I could think of no better place than Don Quijote to round off our trip.                        …

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