Operation Apartment So Far

Your entry is very interesting. Nowadays, many people complains about the ‘Key money’ and some rent-house compaies do not require the money. In that case, when some repair is necessary at the end of the contract, we have to pay for the repairement.

I think one of the reason we need middle man is that many landlords are small-sized businesses so it is not affordable to operate everything by themselves.

Anyway, enjoy your new room. 😉

忘れないでください・Please Don't Forget

I thought it would be appropriate to post the halfway point of my apartment search as I just got off the phone confirming details and lying out of my ass about why I ignored like five phone calls yesterday (I have a phone phobia and I didn’t know the number, it wasn’t until they left a message TODAY that I realized it was my apartment company. Then my realestate agent chastised me over the phone.). My story is that I hadn’t known where my phone was yesterday and not that I’m scared shitless of answering unknown numbers, especially when they happen to be on the meiwake list when I google it (numbers that people complain about).

I’m quiet embarrassed about the whole thing, didn’t give them a very good first impression of me.


Last Wednesday, me and a friend who is N1 level Japanese went to a real estate…

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