School and Teaching so far…

Enjoy your stay, teaching and living in Kagoshima! I am very glad that many young people from other countries enjoy their lives in every part of Japan. ( I know that some of them having difficulties sometimes) I wish you have a wonderful experience in Yusui. And,, although, I am a Japanese , I do not understand Kagoshima dialect at all.;)


It has now been about 1.5 months since I’ve come to this town. The month of August was spent sitting at the Board of Education studying Japanese and doing a few little class preparation things. Mr. Chishiki (my supervisor) also drove me around in the little Kei car to all 9 of my schools. As a side note, the Board provides me with a town car to drive to schools for teaching purposes only. Whenever I fill the car with petrol, I just need to bring the receipt to accounts and I am reimbursed.

little kei car

I remember the introductory day to be quite a hot and rushed day. The main objective was to introduce me to the principals and any of the staff who happened to be at the school over summer holidays. It seems to be mandatory for at least one staff member to be at the school during summer…

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